Explore Pencil Shading, Coloured Pencils and more!

Simple and easy on the wallet, these 40 super fun kids' activities will encourage imagination and creativity for your whole family.

This List of Creative and Cheap Kids' Activities Will Make Your Life Easier

Kindergarten art - 3 classes; shape, color, line. Love these!

Kindergarten or gr art - 3 classes; shape, color, line. Love these!, could modify color pallet for Van Gogh sunflowers/poppies or Matisse flower still life.

wall art..

Hand painted tree rings - would recommend putting all tree rings on a board (which could be painted a coordinating color to add pop to the art piece. Really neat idea for after school kids. Might just do 9 rings in a square frame!

Tin foil, yarn, cardboard, and sharpies. This makes a cool low relief sculpture. Start by teaching about line variations, and color schemes (monochromatic, analogous, etc.). Cool project for 6-7th grade.

Tin foil, yarn, cardboard, sharpies to make low relief sculpture. Covers line variations, and color schemes. Good for Exploratory and Art I.

Totally can make this!

Lesson Theory Color Family Portraits Art Worksheet - Only give out the 3 primary crayons/colored pencils