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As a result of Zionist chicanery and the Western powers’ compliance, Palestinian Muslims and Christians have been under the longest and cruellest military occupation

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Deeply saddened and shocked about what’s happening in Paris right now. One of the most beautiful places full of wonderful people. Anyone in Paris, or with family and friends in Paris, you’re in my prayers.

Homosexuality vs. God's Holiness - The Ordinance of the Amorites

God's Holiness - The Ordinance of the Amorites

Did Prohibition keep people from getting and drinking alcohol? Only idiots believe banning works.

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Banning Guns is not about making us safer, it's about liberal morons who don't like guns not wanting anyone to have guns. and liberal politicians wanting CONTROL!

Time Magazin'es "Man of the Year," isn't an act of praise.  It's the person that they believe has had the greatest impact (positive or negative) in the world in a given year.  This is not proof that TIme Magazine or the MM isn't reliable.

Wake up America! The Mainstream media is now the police state media and openly so!

I can't believe I used to actually think this was a smart, honest jounalist.  What a joke.  I will never trust him or anyone on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or msnbc....all deceivers and witholders of the truth.

Funny pictures about A new study shows. Oh, and cool pics about A new study shows. Also, A new study shows.