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Skyphoid krater from Karitsa Wheelmade skyphoid krater decorated with concentric circles containing crosses. Tomb 2, Grave C. Tumulus cemetery at Karitsa, loc. Ghavria, Pieria ('Γαβριά' Καρίτσας Πιερίας) ca. 900 BCE. Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Rosalia Medina Toribio (Zia, 1858–1950), polychrome jar ca. 1920–1929 Zia Pueblo, New Mexico Clay, paint

Red Figure Gigantomachy 1 | Athenian Red Figure pelike, with a Gigantomachy scene. Ares and the Dioskouroi attack the giants from the upper register. In the manner of the Pronomos Painter ca. 400 BCE from Tanagra Athens National Museum inv. 1333

EIA jug Handmade jug with cut-away neck, with Matt Painted crooked lines. Tomb 35, cemetery of 'Treis Elies' at Petra, Pieria ('Τρεις Ελιές' Πέτρας Πιερίας). ca. 1000 BCE. ΜΔ 2609. Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Big Skyphos krater, Agil, Mycean, late 11th c. BC, found at grave-chamber Mageiras ‘Kiupia’ near Olympia, H 32 cm, diam. 40 cm. Archaeological Museum Olympia © Olympia Vikatou / The Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports. Archaeological Receipts Fund. Foto: Petros Konstantopoulos

Kernos of the Geometric period from the cemetery of Vourkos, Chalcis. Archaeological Museum, Chalcis MX 1659. Hellenic Ministry of Culture/Archaeological Receipts Fund.

Geometric pyxis in the form of granaries. It was found in the burial of a wealthy Athenian woman to the northwest of the Areios Pagos. Mid-9th century BC. Agora Museum, Athens P 27646. Hellenic Ministry of Culture/Archaeological Receipts Fund. © Hellenic Ministry of Culture

Geometric pyxis with lid decorated with three horses. The presence of horses on vases has been interpreted by many scholars as an emblem of the aristocratic class of Hippeis (horsemen). 8th century BC. Agora Museum, Athens P 5060. Hellenic Ministry of Culture/Archaeological Receipts Fund. American School of Classical Studies at Athens: Agora Excavations. © Hellenic Ministry of Culture