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Recognize the code for the Purple People Eaters of left-wing politics

Facebook has announced a new plan today that will very quickly transform the social media site into an “echo chamber” of left-wing media lies and delusional propaganda (just like we’ve recently seen pushed by the Washington Post). The new effort will rely on left-wing “fact checker” organizations like Politifact and Snopes to determine the “truthiness” of news stories, reports Business Insider. Those stories deemed by left-wing “fact checkers” to be inaccurate will be buried in Facebook…

The stench is only going to get worse, as we uncover more and more Voter Fraud - but the BIG QUESTION is ~~~~ Will they do anything about it??? >>> NO!!!!!! [As I read/pin all these "voter Frauds Across America"...I seriously wonder if we have 4yrs left of an America as we knew it..csw]

In the end, double-dealing Obama outed himself

Something We Should Think About

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Kerry Exits as Congenital Liar and Traitor to America & Israel

I don't believe the news - especially their "polls", they lie about everything, doubtful the polls have been left out of that pack of lies. Shame on them!

This is why so many of us choose to read several news sources, some from other countries, and compare the spin. If you know who owns the media outlet, you understand the agenda, and it's not limited to left or right. Both have their agendas. The United States is having some major problems with integrity in journalism today because it is ruled by the almighty dollar.