Bastion: the Kid by ~Pyroxene on deviantART

When I finished Bastion a week or two ago, I just -had- to model the little intro pic with Kid sitting on a rock, cuz I liked it a lot. Bastion: the Kid

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My 10 Steps to 3D Character Creation by `HazardousArts on deviantART

A few people have suggested I make this up, so I thought I would oblige. It's really only a visual interpretation of the steps I go through to make the . My 10 Steps to Character Creation

Low Poly Model of a SciFi soldier.

Low Poly Model of a SciFi soldier.

Tinkerer by on @deviantART

Here's a character I made for a personal project. Here's a rotation animation: [link] Tinkerer

3Docean.jpg (590×2879)

Buy Low Poly Wooden Barrel by jronn on Low Poly Wooden Barrel Created trough sculpting with a hand painted style, Works great as a now/next generation prop .