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Beyond These Walls

O my goodness, Father, this is a morning of tangents! I close my eyes and my brain zings this way then that way.

"Only when great problems can be seen as great possibilities is the pain in them perfected." ~ Guy Finley

As we come together this morning, Father, may I be focused on you and attentive to Your words…and may that be the case not just here and now but throughout our day together.

Edward Drinker Cope wasn’t exactly the most even-keeled of paleontologists. The great “Bone Wars” that sparked a race to uncover America’s prehistory required the enmity of …

The Time Century Paleontologists Punched it Out

Pure as Freshly Fallen Snow

In the quiet of this morning, I sit and feel You here. I cherish every moment, While I wait here at Your feet. For nothing’s more import…


7 Positive Things You Can Do for your Pastor

▶ Christian Hymn with Lyrics - A Mighty Fortress is our God - YouTube

A large video collection of classic hymns, contemporary Praise and Worship songs, and the works (audio books, devotional readings, and sermons) of men greatl.

Hornet, Top, Insects


Many artists have Charlie Sheen ego moments. Doug Richardson describes his and what pulled his ego back in check.

Grafted In?

We've all heard that we're grafted in, but just what does that mean exactly? To whom or what are we grafted in to? This 28 minute teaching gives great…

It's my life, it's my choice... but abortion???

Thank You for answered prayers yesterday, Father. We were fretting and we should’ve done more trusting.