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have my 11:11 wish come true.

Most of the time, when I wish at I wish for the same thing. It'd be nice if it came true but I doubt it will. But one day I will wish for something different and it will come true.

I think I want to do this. Not to compiet with others. Just to put my running in a different level and see it in a different light. Also to archive a goal.

Bucket List Item I want to run a marathon! I've never been super athletic but I am determined to run a marathon at least once in my life!

Be on Television - did a couple of times for news interviews

Bucket List on

Be on television. (Interviewed on the news for winning a Potter contest at a book release)

But of nice things about people

I don't even know what a burn book is😂.(we'll I guess it's a book that you burn), but I would definitely love to give this a try!

¿Cómo ser community manager y no cagarla en el intento? - Blog de @Riclargo

Oscar Nomination Complete List of 2014 and all the academy awards nominees list .Check full details now.

good idea...for someone who has lots of money. Witch I don't but I will still do this

Go into an airport and buy tickets for a random flight one day I will do this before I die.

Writing with Starbucks coffee

Pen & Paper

I will write my biography including a section on family history.

Before I Die on we heart it / visual bookmark #20396119

Midnight in Paris was a great movie. I would love to have that adventure! If I didn't die first. Paris is sketchhhh at night haha