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Pinkie Pie: Miniature horse by LittleKirara on DeviantArt

Okay heres PINKIE! I decided that Pinkie would be a mini (well she could equally be a POA or a shetland, but I wanted to draw a mini) because minis are .

Why sleep when you can meme?

Even Trump is offended by this

Generally speaking, playing dead is the best option with a grizzly, if it's a black bear, your best chance is fighting it.

God save the Queen SANITARYUM! Clean Funny Pics! Sanitaryum: Funny Clean Humor Pics LOL VidsFeel Free To Like  Tag  Share  ... http://fb.me/humorwithin

God save the Queen! If only my bathroom had a bunch of tea, a stack of Harry Potter books, and a TARDIS in it.

Teachers!!! New Year is coming. In Poland that means roughly 120 days of teaching till the end of semester. Obviously, it's the time for mid term , tests and intensive grading, but...it's an amazing opportunity to make our students reflect and plan! Why don't we take advantage of the fact and bring some deeper thoughts…

Humor About New Year — 20 pics ____________________________________________ A little kids sends a letter to Santa that says: “Dear Santa I want a brother for Christmas.” Santa writes back, “Dear Timmy […]

Hold my beer

Funny Family Ecard: 'Mommy, watch this!' is the toddler equivalent of 'Hold my beer.' It usually means something stupid and dangerous is about to take place.