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Dental Office: What's this? Patient: If I cancel an hour before my appointment, you charge me. Well, I've just waited an hour past my appointment time in your waiting room. This is my bill.

Boy, that's the truth. Only they forgot--Maybe you should see a Psychologist. (because I can't figure you out)

This is how I'm starting to feel since I have so many incurable chronic illnesses that the doctors are pretty much saying there is nothing else we can really do for you. And "Why don't you just quit your job?" isn't a helpful treatment either!

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Scumbag orthodontist(another pinner). Me: actually I believe that is a dentist.

YES! That is so accurate!!  Works with grandkids too!!

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Not even going to say how I truly feel.

Thanks for showing up to the state-funded healthcare clinic with your Louis Vuitton purse, fresh mani and pedi, MAC lipgloss, hair weave, and Medicaid card.

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Omg this was totally me doing a somersault for Harper. My neck hurt for days.