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Jenson's face at the when he realized "holy crap, Jared's about to fall on me. He's like twice my weight, I'm so screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

One of my favorite episodes because of this scene-- Community Post: How You Know You're A "Supernatural" Fan


i laughed much more than i probably should have. it's cas' face. it has to be cas' face.<< words can’t describe how much I love this


I hear Crowley calling Sam moose, and I hear Sam saying "So get this.

Misha looks like he's saying "are... are you serious? Ummm.. I advise you not to do that" . Jensen looks like "oh why hello there I am totally not some creep meeheehee" and Jared is like "oh yass look at me I'm so beautiful" XDDDD

Jensen's face makes the entire photo worth it! And those cartoon faces: sooo cute! I love Supernatural!


Castiel's face OMG XD poor cas xD<<<The only time he has a normal reaction to anything.


"I'm going to wear it as a wormstache." - Don't be ridiculous, Jared, that's obviously the only rational thing to do with a worm. Jared Padalecki (Sam), Misha Collins (Castiel), and Jensen Ackles (Dean.


Sam/Laptop [LOL there's also a song if you click through.] I am dying.click through and listen to the song.

.Oh just kill me now.

Burst with excitement!

Welcome to the Supernatural fandom where we'll make you cry and drown in a puddle of your own feels!<<< woah I wrote that his is so great I feel so happy after this post. But the feels I can barely read this

Scene from Yellow Fever.....actually was just watching this episode like 20 minutes ago... ;-)

I was watching Digimon then this happened and my inner Supernatural fangirl made me scream at the computer.