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how can i forget you when your always on my mind? how can i not want you when your all i want inside? how can i let you go when i can't see us apart? how can i not love you when you control my heart?

Sweetie, I know there is chaos in your head. I recognize the whole you. Some simply see the image you portray, only to leave if you trust enough to show your darkness. I am not afraid of your brokenness. I see the light buried underneath, struggling to breath. Let me love your chaos until it has no choice but to surrender the light. We can do this together. I meant it when I said I love all of you. I love your heart. Every tattered piece of it. I love YOU. ~ KJ

I love you bc you have a great heart! I love you bc you mean the world to me! I love you bc no one has loved me like you do me!


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You on We Heart It

the day I met you my life changed the way you make me feel is hard to explain you make me smile and a special kind of way you make me fall deeper in love everyday.

We'll always face everything together I promise. ❤

I know the pointless fights won't make me love myself less the question is will they make you love me less! Haha spot the grammar mistake!