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robe à la française 1760-65ca  from the book "Paris: Life & Luxury in the Eighteenth Century"  edited by Charissa Bremer-David

Woman's Robe à la Française and Petticoat France or England, circa Costumes; ensembles Silk plain weave (faille) with silk and metallic-thread supplementary weft patterning, and metallic lace trim

Wedding Gown, 1763. Robe a la Francaise. This wedding dress is one of the most outstanding garments in the McCord Museum’s collection. A rare piece, it is one of the few 18th-century silk gowns with a hand-painted floral design to be found in a North American museum. The soft cream silk was handwoven in China, where the floral pattern was handpainted in tones of lavender, blue, yellow, green and brown. This charming dress was worn by Mary Chaloner in Guiseborough, England, when she married.

Wedding Gown, Robe a la Francaise. worn by Mary Chaloner in Guiseborough, England/McCord Museum Montreal

Robe à la Françise 1750-1770 The Victoria & Albert Museum

Sack back gown and petticoat (Robe à la francaise), purple silk, brocaded with flowers and lace, French,

Probably one of the most gorgeous reproductions I have EVER seen! http://starlightmasque.livejournal.com/75895.html

Amazing site with pics of construction for Robe a la Francaise as well as other period costumes. Robe a la Francaise: Starlight Masquerade

Robe a la francaise ca. 1770  From the State Museums of Berlin

Robe à la française ~ ~ British ~ Spitalfields silk, spun yarns, lamé, ribbed silk with diamond pattern in embroidery, matching petticoat and stomacher ~ Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

This matching bodice and skirt dates to around 1765. The textile is a magnificent brocaded silk. The close-up photographs give a sense of the texture of the ribbed silk and the brocaded floral patterns. The stomacher with the peach bows is a reproduction, which the Museum Director Jean Druesedow created from silk which she carefully dyed to match and ribbons. 3/4 view - right side 2 Kent State University Costume Museum

ephemeral-elegance: “ Brocaded Ribbed Silk Bodice and Petticoat, ca.


I have pinned this to my fabrics board becuse I love the color! Robe a la francaise ca. From the Museo del Costume Raffaello Piraino

Gown with Stomacher, circa 1700-1729

Making an Early 18th Century Stomacher from an Old Pillowcase

18th Century FABULOUS !!!!!

Robe à la Française 1765 The Los Angeles County Museum of Art after the the panniers petticoat became very wide