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Collection of seals of the Indus Valley Civilization.

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Amazing Tamil: Do you know that Tamil is the world's oldest living language ?

Over 77 million people speak Tamil, but there isn't a Rosetta Stone or Duo Lingo program to learn it.

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Panneau d'ancienne écriture, Dholavira, ancienne cité Harappéenne,  district de Kutch, Hubs touristiques, Gujarat, Inde

Ancient signboard is the World's first signboards. It is in Dholavira, Gujarat.

If a continent can be forgotten, then why not an entire civilization? The three most ancient civilizations all sprung up alongside rivers. The Nile and Mesopotamian civilizations were never forgotten—but a whole flourishing of human endeavor along the Indus river was lost until the twentieth century.

The earliest fragment of cotton was found in Mohenjo Daro, Indus Valley which is Pakistan today.

Extent of the Indus Valley Civilization at its height; Rakhigarhi is to the northeast of the brown-shaded area that indicates the Harappan Civilization.

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5000 Years of Indian History: Earliest Known Urban Culture of the Indian Subcont...

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Indus Valley Script And Naga Stone Decoded - Scientists Say Graham Hancock Was Right! - MessageToEagle.com

In a startling development Mahesh Keshavam, Gangadhar Yadav and Akbar Patel have announced that theyve deciphered the Indus Valley script.