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Innovative Boat Bridge Bangaldesh #boat #bridge #bangladesh

Bangladesh - A walk across a floating boat bridge on the Buriganga river in Dhaka. Water hyacinth has hampered the movement of boats on the river so boats are tied together to form a temporary bridge.

One of the most beautiful tree tunnels in World can be found near the city of Klevan in Ukraine - The Tunnel of Love. This is in fact a train tunnel of trees. It's the main attraction in the area and also one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine.

A bamboo forest in Japan - Imgur

A bamboo forest in Japan

Green bamboo on the left, green bamboo on the right, green bamboo everywhere, lots of it. Green dream called Sagano bamboo forest (located near Kyoto, Japan)

“Still round the corner there may wait  A new road or a secret gate  And though I oft have passed them by  A day will come at last when I  Shall take the hidden paths that run  West of the Moon, East of the Sun.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

A door in a tree -- magic. bluepueblo: Tree Portal, Ireland photo via adventurer

A Japanese Maple tree in Portland, Oregon.

Moss covered Japanese Maples in Portland, Oregon! Awesome curvy moss covered trees of the misty Northwest coastline!

Red Japanese Bridge

Complementary: This example of complementary color is of a red bridge in Japan. The red bridge against the green background of trees gives this picture more contrast making it more exciting and sharp.