Art Nouveau
Mucha style art nouveau plaques in silver by brightonbabe2010
Art nouveau
Alfonse Mucha.  Como é possível observar nas ilustrações de Alfonse Mucha, a Arte Nova caracterizava-se por: horror ao vazio, ecletismo historicista, assimetria, linha, abordagem às formas naturais, caracterização dos espaço naturalisticamente e modelação das figuras.
LARGE SIZE PAINTINGS: Alfons MUCHA The Rose 1898 (Detail)
Elizabeth Sonrel
Maude Adams as Joan of Arc by Alphonse Mucha. Painted in Chicago in 1909, it was displayed as a poster for the 'one night only' Harvard University gala performance on June 22, 1909. Mucha also designed the costumes, sets and supervised the direction. Afterwards, at the actress's request, the painting served as the lobby poster for the Empire Theater in New York, where Adams regularly performed
Art Noveau