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incaseyouart: “Merlin and Arthur more like Whiny King and Magical Bae amirite (i miss this shoooooow) Linked to this image editing tutorial~ “twitter | redbubble | deviantart | instagram ” ”

Laughter and friendship and oh GOD their latest DAPG video was TOO CUTE~ Reference images here Inspired by this lovely pencil sketch by Maddox~ Pre-order the limited Vicsquared Dan & Phil Phanzine “Special” here!! “twitter | redbubble | youtube |...

Society6 | Redbubble | DeviantArt | 渣浪 Side blog, mostly shipping stuff (I...

8 Things Successful Freelance Designers Do Online

8 Habits of Successful Freelancers: What drives freelancers' business? These are 8 things productive designers, writers, and artists do online to create an effective and approachable digital persona, grow their network, and keep new offers rolling in. Read more on the Redbubble blog.

Part of my art trade with @embaileyart! Absolutely love her stuff! She wanted Feyre and Amren laughing after the summer court scene and I got a bit too excited and carried away, but who cares? Available on my Redbubble