I Love Puppies Wall Calendar: They trip and they slip. They tinkle, they poo—maybe sometimes where they shouldn’t. They’re puppies. They’re learning. $14.99 http://calendars.com/Puppies/I-Love-Puppies-2013-Wall-Calendar/prod201300004382/?categoryId=cat00339=cat00339#

I Love Puppies Planner: Everyone can benefit from the joy of puppies in their lives. They're loveable, playful, sweet, snuggly, curious, adorable, and precious. Let the charming, precocious, darling, wonderful, loveable Puppies in this calendar bring joy to your life. $7.99 http://www.calendars.com/Puppies/I-Love-Puppies-2013-Planner/prod201300004376/?categoryId=cat00339=cat00339#

Pooped Puppies Engagement Calendar: This best-selling calendar in a popular 16-month engagement format! Pooped Puppies is a calendar guaranteed to melt the heart of even the grimmest Cruella de Vil. $15.99 http://calendars.com/Puppies/Pooped-Puppies-2013-Softcover-Engagement-Calendar/prod201300002189/?categoryId=cat00339=cat00339#

Puppies Wall Calendar: Undeniable puppy love! Cuddly, roly-poly, and endearingly needy, puppies are expert attention-getters that few can resist. Give in to their charm the whole year through with this calendar featuring full-color photos of America's favorite pets. $13.99 http://calendars.com/Puppies/Puppies-2013-Wall-Calendar/prod201300005317/?categoryId=cat00339=cat00339#

Puppies Wall Calendar: How can you say no to all these cute faces? Bring home a new playful pup each month—we promise they are house broken and will never grow up! Dog breed identification included. http://www.calendars.com/Puppies/Puppies-2013-Wall-Calendar/prod201300002516/?categoryId=cat00339=cat00339

Just Chocolate Lab Puppies Wall Calendar: Precious little Chocolate Lab puppies with their big eyes, huge hearts and chubby paws take center stage. These twelve adorable full-color photographs will keep you smiling all year long. $13.99 http://calendars.com/Chocolate-Labs/Just-Chocolate-Lab-Puppies-2013-Wall-Calendar/prod201300002976/?categoryId=cat10085=cat10085#

Labrador Retriever Puppies Wall Calendar: Very energetic, maybe a little clumsy but absolutely adorable, Labrador Retriever puppies play, play, play until they—or more likely you—are worn out. These dogs are easy to train, and will mature into patient, loving, and faithful friends. Lab pups are up to all kinds of tricks in this heartwarming wall calendar. http://www.calendars.com/Labrador-Retrievers/Labrador-Retriever-Puppies-2013-Wall-Calendar/prod201300004784/

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