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reasons to love being alive: traveling with your best friend. Washam we've went lots of places girl Ainsworth lol so have we :))))

Valkyrie looked over all of Tempest blue prints she had rolled up and neatly stacked in a bookshelf. They were detailed and amazing. It showed everything Tempest could do eith her gift.

loveandpleasure: ~ Liz Collini…… Where I’m From (keeps coming back to find me)


Roman/Greek Scrolls: Prop scrolls from various movies. See the website for details.

*** Three Rivers Deep (book series) "A two-souled girl begins a journey of self-discovery..." READ book overview@ https://threeriversdeep.wordpress.com/three-rivers-deep-book-one-overview/ pic source: http://missgetsuyobi.tumblr.com/tagged/living/page/2

Three Rivers Deep

(open) Emma ran through the dirt, a giant cyclops behind her. It was swinging a large club wildly, and it caught her leg, knocking her down and causing it to gush blood immediately. The cyclops leaned over her and.