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Ohms Law via BiOzZ, Amp: electric current Volt: electric potential (force) Ohm: electrical resistance

Anyone care to explain

Anyone care to explain

Funny pictures about This is so logical it hurts. Oh, and cool pics about This is so logical it hurts. Also, This is so logical it hurts.

Manuel Alphabet

Signing - Kids with aphasia and/or CP sometimes can learn/demonstrate the spelling of words through signing the letters physically rather than spelling aloud.

The Golden Ration

About the Golden Ratio: The Golden Ratio can be illustrated within special dimensions of Sprials, Triangles and Rectangles where the ratio of the length of the short side to the long side is was noted by ancient Greek architects as the most visually

Sometimes I wonder what happened to my brain to make me think things like this are hilarious.

Watt is love?

"What is Science? James Watt, Heinrich Hertz and Samuel Morse parodying "What is Love" song

MCAT Amino Acid Chart – Study Guide Cheat Sheet for the Biology/Biochemistry section on the MCAT. Includes structure, variable groups, hydrophobic/hyrophilic acidic and basic groups

Praxis ii general science content essays about life This exam is designed for individuals who would like to teach science at the secondary school level. You will be given one hour to complete three essay questions.

Not everyone actually understands what these mean! lol Physics might have been useful after all

Words of wisdom found in math formulas

Words of Wisdom found in Math Formulas. Well, actually in Physics formulas, mathematics is just circumstantial here.

Having taught chemistry at all levels (Advanced Placement, Honors, regular college prep, introductory overview in a general physical scie...

Cute and informative illustration of the Gas Laws: Charles' Law, Boyle's Law, Dalton's Law, Avogadro's Law.

Organic Chemistry Functional Groups Cheat Sheet - print this guide for a handy reference to the common groups you will come across during IUPAC naming and advanced reactions

17 things to know about DNA                                                                                                                                                                                 More

17 Things You Should Know About DNA [infographic]

17 Things you should know about DNA (Infographic). It's the basic building block of all life but what do you really know about it? See how you compare to other humans and crack the genetic code with this informative infographic.

Bernoulli's Equation. Notice that Area and Pressure are proportional. Small area is lower pressure for an ideal fluid

Notice that Area and Pressure are proportional. Small area is lower pressure for an ideal fluid

10 equations that changed the world

10 Equations That Changed the World If you want to understand the fabric of the cosmos, you need to understand the language in which it is written - equations.

Communication Information for the Zombie Apocalypse ... DIY Survival Gear is a blog about survival and being prepared.

Ham Radio Cheat Sheet