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Italians don't die you potato with eyes. I love Romano's insults I keep seeing…

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Black butler vs hetalia Right now im halfway through both animes and trying to decide which one to watch now. I knida feel like watching Hetalia, but i also wanna look at Sebastian. T T-TT >Oh my gawd what? Crossovers are amazing when one right.

Most Awesome Crop -2- by ~Arkham-Insanity

After the Smackdown Round here Prussia thought he would try to get a little revenge on Canada.he failed Awesome Crop Series

Ngh, to be honest the three of them being one country kind of frustrates me, but whatever, I'll just have to fucking deal with it XD >>> I don't really consider Seborga a part of the family, I think of him as a background character.

The sad thing is, I know what this is....

Dye Fantasy is just disturbing. I completely agree with Japan, it's just WTF

APH: Spain meme by ~Jaskierka on deviantART

APH: Spain meme by ~Jaskierka on deviantART> Spain: the perfect innocent baby