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Casa di Paglia - Bioarchitettura | BAG - Beyond Architecture Group

The 2-foot thick walls of the Roble Road house soak up sunlight during the day and radiate heat at night. They provide at least 3 times the insulation value of a typical Bay Area home.

Hempcrete is a natural building material. Energy-efficient, non-toxic and resistant to mold, insects and fire.

Loose hemp floor insulation - "Hemp offers the benefits of a lightweight material which offers superb sound insulation. Carbon is stored in the cellulose making this material better than zero carbon. It is important to fully fill the space between the joists to avoid sound bouncing through the timbers."

Straw-Bale Walls for Northern Climates - A ‘third generation’ straw-bale technique combines a straw-bale interior wall with an exterior stud wall insulated with cellulose