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pf flyers ALBIN

pf flyers ALBIN

PF Flyers Center Hi Sneaker

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PF Flyers...Gots to have em.

The Center Hi is the exacting reissue of the basketball icon. It has a trademark ribbed toe bumper and diamond-patterned outsole. It has foundation comfort.

Launched in 1944 by an innovative tire manufacturer, PF Flyers is one of America's most storied sneaker brands around. They were the first brand to enlist an All-star athlete, once maintained a comic book series and Saturday morning TV special, and have experienced a healthy resurgence in recent years.  Read: http://rwrdn.im/pf-flyers-history

” in PF Flyers stands for “Posture Foundation,” a patented insole technology developed by Goodrich associate, Hyman L.

PF Flyers!  Be Different!

There are certain things in NBA and basketball history that are better left forgotten, for instance, booty shorts and knee-high socks, and some other things

The bond between a brother and a sister, why PF Flyers are the shoe of choice for energetic toddlers. @pf_flyers #ad

The Bond Between a Brother and Sister

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Unfollow the Crowd With Classic PF Flyers

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