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Inspiring Images - Vintage Thread and Yellow Pointe Shoes - The Sweetest Occasion

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Pointe shoes that bend just right Takes a lot of hard work, and bloody,broken toes to get that bend in the point shoe! I have really wanted to take ballet classes, to work up to Pointe, but my parents won't pay.

my first pair of pointe shoes were my converse.. the memories

UP CLOSE (They All Hate Us)

converse all star. If my ballet teacher would have let me wear these I wouldn't have left modern version of fame dance art photo

Red Ballet Shoes literally, in my dreams... you know those, " sense of well being, flying dreams"? mine are always of standing on my toes and dancing - happy dreams... think red shoes will help???

When I found this pin it said "red ballet shoes" whoever put this pin here needs to learn their facts they are red pointe shoes



Chloe "the pointe shoe" flat I'm not sure how I feel about these. I'd probably try to go on point and break them or my feet. plus when you're in dance shoes all day it's nice to see your feet in something else once in a while. but they are super cute!

This proves that even if you are a hip hop dancer, you can love a totally different type of dance such as ballet.

Ballet Is Woman: Supporting Real Women In a Rarefied Art Form

Love this. Just switch out the pointe shoe for Irish ghillie soft shoes and it's me!

This was totally me growing up! A tomboy in many ways, but living my life in ballet shoes!

Reminds me of @annavanastro     Mariya Semenyachenko by Alikhan Madzaev for L’OFFICIEL Latvia

3 Red Flags To Avoid In Adult Ballet Class

wishespleasures​ Mariya Semenyachenko for L’Officiel Latvia by Alikhan Madzaev i like the shade of red.

Hey guys. After I cut my toenails, I stubbed my toe on an evil bench (lol). And after it already being shorter, it hurts for just that toe when I go up on pointe. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

I've always loved ballet and tutus and pointe shoes but I have no dancing ability whatsoever.

Tiffany pointe shoes

Tiffany and co ballet pointe shoes I would feel like a ballerina with these on.