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flowers in hair / Photo by Sayaka Maruyama

Hala Faisal walked about in the nude with antiwar slogans painted on her body in the Washington Square fountain on Tuesday in a protest against the Iraq war.  Photo by Jefferson Siegel

Flower Power October 1967 ~ a real anti-war protest

Emma. Stockholm. 18 If you're as weird as me, we should be friends.

Haunting, conceptual black and white photography by Laurence Demaison - Bleaq

Lilac wine

Surreal Floral Portraits by Sayaka Maruyama Japanese Photographer &Film maker ”

içimde büyüttüğün çiçekleri daha fazla saklayamıyorum.

Have my subject model biting a cross and flowers aswell.

Igna.  A rather insane man and a Air Mage.  He's learned beyond belief and has a bauble full of Shadow power.  This type of stealing brands the face of the prepetrator.  But because everyone has forgot what the brand looks like, no one noticed.

kintsugi - When things crack and break, it is repaired with gold, making the object more valuable than it was originally. What was at first thought as unworthy or unwanted is now precious.

he sat looking troubled in the midst of a garden of wonderful, blooming flowers--naturally curious, i decided to approach. he had his chin in his hand, and only shifted his eyes when catching eye of me. "how are you?" i asked gently. he spoke through his teeth out of the corner of his mouth furthest from his hand: "i grew a garden for her," he said, then paused, eyes remembering. he ended with, "and she rejected me." he had his eyebrows raised in disbelief. (©crashmypartyhd)

before you kill us all: EDITORIAL Commons & Sense Man Fall/Winter 2012 Feat. Adrien Sahores by Cecile Bortoletti

*** Three Rivers Deep (book series) "A two-souled girl begins a journey of self-discovery..." synopsis: https://threeriversdeep.wordpress.com/three-rivers-deep-book-one-overview/ pic source: blog

Three Rivers Deep

WINGS book series by Aprilynne Pike - a new kind of faerie tale ♡

A | @mtocavents

Make sure that your deeds are greater than your wisdom, because the main thing is not study but its practical application. The main thing God wants is the heart.

conscience is just a polite term for cowardice

eikadan: “ From ‘Pure as snow’ series Mira Nedyalkova ”