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And I miss those two together!!

In an attempt to make Idea Bin a friendlier place for herself, Jenna hooks Tamara up with an internship but quickly finds that working with friends can be a recipe for disaster.

10+ Hilarious Comics For Socially Awkward People

10+ Hilarious Comics For Socially Awkward People

When he completely blew it with supermodel Jill Goodacre. | 32 Iconic Chandler Bing Jokes That Will Never Not Be Funny

When he completely blew it with supermodel Jill Goodacre.

This is so ironic as I- a horribly awkward panromantic- am moving in with my asexual friend for University in a few months... (oh my meme)

I'm asexual and I'm exactly like "Nothing". I'm super hyper and flirty, and everyone thinks I'm bisexual then I tell them I'm asexual and then they get it(after explaining what an asexual is).<<< omg I'm pansexual and I am like all!

Raj is the new roommate

New roommate

Funny pictures about New roommate. Oh, and cool pics about New roommate. Also, New roommate photos.

this is what happens to me every single day of my freaking life

Teeth Comic Series

Some Favorite Awkward Yeti Teeth Comics. Laugh your self out with various memes that we collected around the internet.

Best New TV Show 2016 << Movie & TV News and Interviews – Rotten Tomatoes

Best New TV Shows 2016

Yoga Poses - If memorizing names take the sanscrit names; I've seen some vastly different English names for some of these asanas than the names given and would do more research.

Saggy Booty Be Gone! 13 Exercises to Tighten Your Tush [VIDEO]

26 BIKRAM POSTURES - Bikram Yoga positions focuses on of the human body, working from the inside out. The 26 Bikram yoga poses invigorate by stimulating the organs, glands, and nerves; each pose helping to move fresh oxygen through the body.

Rowan  creds to niru723 (Tumblr)

hello 😘 finally i decided to post it, i kind of hesitated, because every time i look at this art i feel sad, its not new and when i was drawing it i was in a bad mood i guess 😪😂 but still i want to.