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Aquariums Filled With 3D Printed Flora by Designer Haruka Misawa

Waterscapes, Haruka Misawa Japanese designer Haruka Misawa has created Waterscapes, a series of stunning translucent square fishbowls that blow conventional aquariums out of the water with beautiful,...

Glasscape Fishbowl by aruliden // Honoured with a red dot design award, and described as “beautiful” by The New York Times, it’s fair to say that the aruliden Glasscape has made a few waves in the world of design... each one is individually hand-blown

Wish it was a bit deeper for the fish but this looks like a good idea for a future pond so I'm not pinning to Unhappy Fish

新しいメダカ飼育の楽しみ方!BON Style(盆スタイル) no translation of text, but tons of pics of this and others. Not sure what size or what fish or how health is maintained. I could see this as a very large arrangement in a sheltered bonsai garden. Like a 5-10 gal basin on a heavy table under a pergola, probably with a high fence around it. As high maintenance as any bonsai, too.

L'aquarium Waterscape de Haruka Misawa

Waterscape is a project by Haruka Misawa, exploring the life underneath the water surface. Mapping a different type of an environment and energy, the Japanese artist aims to draw a line between things surrounded by air and things submerged in water.