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More gross spiders in my room:(

More gross spiders in my room:(

for the faeries ❧ ladybug on white bell flowers

Beautiful photo of a ladybug wet with dew. Ladybugs are an incredibly helpful insect in the garden.

Australian stained glass mirrored spider.

Eye of the Spider: Hypnotizing Macro Photos of Exotic Spiders Staring Directly into Your Mind

Peacock spider, Maratus volans

Peacock spiders, or Maratus volans, are a rare species that see the males equipped with colorful flaps. See amazing photos of these tiny arachnids.

The Writing Spider

Argiope- Known As The Writing Spider. Look at that amazing web. What else in Nature can do that?


What do You Think if Bugs That Look Like Roaches?

Two Horned Spider Poecilopachys australasia

This is a real spider! Two Horned Spider Poecilopachys australasia.don't like spiders but that is crazy looking.

06bb0968a7d3fac699cb18dadd311cc6.jpg 583×980 pixels

The West African Togo Starburst Baboon Tarantula, Heteroscodra Maculata. Oh my goodness, I so want this Tarantula!