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Dispelling the myths and confusion about chakras here are six important things that modern yogis never knew about the chakra system.

Balancing Your Energy Body: A Complete Guide to Chakra Healing

Regularly practicing chakra healing techniques is one of the most powerful ways to balance the energy body and create vibrant health mentally, emotionally and physically.

How To Raise Your Kundalini

Kundalini doesn't just pertain to "spiritual" people; it affects everyone. The ancients knew this, and designed a scientific way of lifting that energy.

The Four Qualities of Love, a teaching on the four immeasurable truths as taught by Buddha and elucidated by Thich Nhat Hanh

5 Ancient Mantras That Give A New Lease On Life

Mantras For Beginners

Chanting mantras can leave us feeling peaceful, help to remove stagnant energy, and re-frame our mindset; so the question is: why not try it?

The Healing Properties Of Mother Of Pearl

Mother of pearl can be an important part of anyone's path to releasing old emotions or deepening spiritual connection.

Menopause and Hot Flashes: Natural Treatment

Nutrition plays a role in hot flashes, eat plenty of fresh food and abstain from coffee, alcohol and nicotine, which can lower your estrogen level Red beets contain substances that work like female sex hormones and can reduce menopausal discomfort.