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Alice Aycock "The Rosetta Stone City Intersected by the Celestial Alphabet" source :


An Atlas of Erasure


2013: Relational Space _ essay

fig. 9. Indeterminate Programming Lines/Points/Surfaces, Parc de la Villette, Paris - Bernard Tschumi

Office : Éva Le roi

While cartography in its most primitive form has been around for millennia, ‘mapping’ is the term employed by James Corner in his canonical essay The Agency of Mapping. According to Corner, when de...

Creating language from geometry

Areview of Alberti & Eisenman´s Work. Essay Culture and Theory in Architecture

Transparency I: Layering of Planes/Layering of Spaces

Essay of transparency

Budapest architects MARP replaced the missing corner of a ruined Renaissance palace--Szatmáry Palace--the with a Corten steel lookout point

Bernard Tschumi - The Manhattan Transcripts Project, New York, New York, Episode 3: The Tower (The Fall)