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FUCKING WALLS MAN. THEY'RE THE WORST. And please forgive the horrendous spelling.

Idk wha the top show is buhh Stiles and Lydia😭❤️❤️ "I never said it back" -Lydia "You don't have to" -Stiles

Teen Wolf Season 04 Episode 09 "Perishable"

Teen Wolf Season 04 Episode 09 "Perishable" - Oh my God. Me During This Episode: "What the Hell Meredith!

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14232454_1404035112959570_2557017574933558228_n.jpg (500×500)

Teen Wolf. Yes Joanna, I do like (love) this show. And yes... It's okay, you can laugh at me. Even though you probably already are. Just giving you permission anyway ;)

If I meet them one day I would embarrass myself because I would call them by their character names. I would be like, "I LOVE YOU STILES!" Then like turn as red as a tomato.

Bahaha everything is Derek's fault! Yeah guess he really isn't Alpha of the Year... Teen Wolf I have discovered gold!! Check out teenwolfmixtapes.tumblr.com

Poor Derek and his bad decision making that would've been funny if the ending actually happened

Boyd and stiles. Teen wolf, Stiles looked so upset after that

Boyd and stiles. Teen wolf, Stiles looked so upset after that<<WTH Boyd? You join a werewolf pack just to not sit alone at lunch and then you're mean to someone trying to make nice? No wonder you had no friends. (jk, I cried when you died)