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23 Magical Butterfly Tattoos

23 Magical Butterfly Tattoos

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Never thought of getting this but I've been liking the compass tattoos that correlate to Christ and I love sun/moon tattoos but never thought I would actually get one.

Butterfly Tattoo on Forearm

28 Beautiful Black and Grey Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoo on Tricep by Rafaella Oliveira

28 Beautiful Black and Grey Butterfly Tattoos

Here are the best wrist butterfly tattoo ideas that can never go wrong for any girl, carrying any style and suitable to all types of personalities.

20 Wrist Butterfly Tattoo Ideas That Can Never Go Wrong For Any Girl

(water color butterfly tattoo by Lindsey Carter @ Opal Ink in Portland, OR). I don't really like butterfly tattoos but this one is really nice!

Beautiful tattoos!

I love insect tattoos, I wanted to start with the death-head moth as a homage to one of my favourite films (Hannibal trilogy).