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Do you see it now? In her eyes. The distance. You've lost her. While you were busy taking her for granted she drifted a million miles away. Hope so.

She said..

You destroyed me. and just when I was finally moving completely on and felt like I healed myself you just had to drive one more knife in my back.

Hell yes!!!

Yeah, I'm hurting but on goes the mascara & lipgloss. I'll be the prettiest fucking wreck you've ever seen.



Most of these will be sad one-shots. I will not take requests, this will be done if you are seeing this. Basically these are a bunch of  bully homestuck x bullied reader. Just letting you guys know that these will have NO self harming of any kind. And if you do self harm of any kind, please, I am B

End the pain ~Homestuck One-shots :.

Look on my lops a d you see the constant frien. Look in my eyes and see the stare of a pain girl

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The saddest kind of sad is when your tears can't even drop and you feel nothing. For a second, the heart die.


Hopefully, one day, I´ll be able to say goodbye to you.Now you are like a beautiful memory, popping up to my life time to time.