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Mejor solo que mal acompañado.

Some people are like the clouds: when they disappear, the day turns brighter

Tu me gustas

Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description si me gustas y mucho.

Hay dos tipos de dolor: uno es el que te lástima y el otro el que te cambia

Hay 2 tipos de dolor, uno es el que te lastima y el otro el que te cambia! There are two types of pain, one is the one that hurts you; and the other is the one that changes you!

Strength- River cuts away rock not because of its power but its persistence

You Have a Choice: Change the Way You Think

I am the river and you are the rock. I'm still coming…I will never give up. You will never out let me. strength: a river cuts through rock not because of it's power but it's persistence