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Write a Book. This is great and all, but let's make it a bit more heartbreaking yeah? Imagine someone who's absolutely terrified of falling in love, suddenly finding a new tattoo on their wrist and they're crying crying because no they can't love anyone. And tears stream down their face as they scratch at the tattoo attempting to remove it from their flesh. Sobbing as they avoid the person who's tattoo it is like their life depends on it, not realizing that the other person has their tattoo…

Vector geometric alchemy symbol with eye, moon, shapes. Abstract occult and mystic signs. Linear logo and spiritual design. Concept of imagination, magic, creativity, religion, astrology

Wanderlust Map Tattoo

If you feel like you're always halfway out the door and ready for the next adventure, then you probably have some serious wanderlust. Show your love for seeing every place imaginable with map tattoos that display the beauty of the world we live in.