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i want dan howell's legs

i want dan howell's legs

love this on a totaly friendship level

maddox-rider: “ Existential Crisis “ I am reaching that point of my life when I relate very closely to old videos… patreon

Dan and phil:

Why sleep when you can meme?

I freaked out so so so much when this happened I was like "OMG Phil just referenced P!

They do!!!!

Fetus phan makes the most ADORABLE couple<<<< they're so close together


Okay I really ship phan, but I don't force it because forcing it makes their friendship more awkward and it might even ruin it, which no one wants. You can ship something, but don't ever try and force it<<something everyone that ships Phan need to read

DAN AND PHIL 2015 CALENDAR ALL MONTHS I NEED THIS>>> They sell this but you have to buy it with pounds

It's so beautiful! - DAN AND PHIL 2015 CALENDAR ALL MONTHS <<< I feel so bad because at first I was scrolling down really fast and when I got to the March-April transition it looked like the bunny ears were legs and they were wearing no pants.


This is really how I act when everyone else is talking to someone. No I don't pull out my phone to keep me busy I just sit there with this stupid look on my face. ---------- you saying dan's face is stupid!