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Japanese castles I've visited: #71 Numata Castle Ruins in Gunma Prefecture. Nothing much left there. I'd recommend going there only if you're nearby or on your way to something else.


Japanese castles I've visited: #6 Azuchi Castle Ruins in Shiga Prefecture. Only ruins are left, but some of the most extensive ruins I've seen. If you're in Shiga or a fan of Oda Nobunaga, then it's worth a visit!

Japanese castles I've visited: #21 Hagi Castle in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Only ruins are left, but there were a lot of stray cats, so I really enjoyed my visit there.

Japanese castles I've visited: #62 Morioka Castle in Iwate Prefecture. Only ruins are left, but the park is really beautiful! More about it here in my blog:

Takeda Castle ruins (a.k.a. "Castle in the Sky") in Asago, Hyogo Prefecture

Japanese castles I've visited: #61 Mihara Castle Ruins in Hiroshima Prefecture. Ok, this wasn't a very interesting castle. Very few ruins are left, but they are right behind JR Mihara Station. I went there when it was already dark.

When you're in Wakayama Prefecture and visiting one of the Kumano Grand Shrines, then you might also want to check out the Shingu Castle ruins: #japan #travel #wakayama

Takeda Castle aka "Castle in the Sky / Machu Picchu of Japan" can be found in Asago City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Japanese castles I've visited: #13 Fukui Castle Ruins in Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture. Not so much left to see and there's an official huge office building on the castle grounds now.