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• Hemhemet Crown—An elaborate and unwieldy crown worn by Pharaohs only on ceremonial occasions *This refers to the Pharaoh's crown here pictured

• Tunic—A generic term for a T-shaped garment with openings at the top for the head and arms.

A Pharaoh never let his hair be seen – he would always wear a crown or a headdress called a nemes (the striped cloth headdress made famous by Tutankhamen’s golden mask

A large diadem, a unique monument of ancient jewelry, dating, like most of the items found by Schliemann 19 Trojan treasures period of Troy IIg (2400-2200 BC), ie it refers to the era of the early Bronze Age.

In Sumerian mythology, Ninhursag or Ninkharsag was the earth and mother goddess, one of the seven great deities of Sumer. She is principally a fertility goddess. Temple hymn sources identify her as the ‘true and great lady of heaven’ and kings of Sumer were 'nourished by Ninhursag’s milk’. She is typically depicted wearing a horned head-dress and tiered skirt, often with bow cases at her shoulders, and not infrequently carries a mace or baton surmounted by a...