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Teacher Ink: Calendar Color Coding. I love plain paper calendars! Here's why: I get to write in all the special events of the month. And color coding them makes them pop and easy to read. Kids quiver with anticipation as they see each special day approach.

Thanksgiving Creative Writing Prompts and Crafts

How to Catch a Leprechaun Writing

How to catch a leprechaun: creative writing in three steps: first, next and last. Kids will learn about leprechauns, brainstorm ideas, and write them on shamrock-shaped, lined paper for a beautiful display. Tips to differentiate, task cards and puppets to enact the drama.

Teacher Ink: Inspirational Mottos for Kids. Every so often, we brainstorm inspirational mottos. Everyone chimes in, and I write them all down. Then I type them up, and hang them on the wall: Then the real fun begins…

100th Day of School Activities and Mask

100th Day of School -- cool activities. Easy, fun, printable: A Handful of Hundred. Kids draw or glue 20 objects: hearts, flowers, faces, or rings. Print on colored paper for amazing results. Makes a stunning display piece--not just for the 100th Day!

Teacher Evaluation Level 4 Indicators for your Observation Lesson. The most important Level 4 Indicator is...