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75 Greatest Batman Covers of All-Time Master List - Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources

Another wicked Neal Adams cover from Batman September Ra's Al Ghul was a fantastic nemesis and the best villian to emerge from the

Detect this: For 400, Batman versus Man-Bat! Scientist Kirk Langstrom, studying real bats, derives a serum from them and tests it on himself.

Detective Comics presents Batman, Robin and Batgirl, june 1970 - "Challenge of the Man-Bat !", cover art by Neal Adams.

Bewegingslijnen: deze lijnen geven zowel de snelheid als de richting aan van een vliegende Superman.

"The Most Dangerous Man On Earth!" - art by Neal Adams and Murphy Anderson ”

Marvel feature #1 Defenders by Neal Adams

My favourite team fearless defenders. Neal Adams Marvel Feature 1 1972 cover, featuring the first appearance of the Defenders

green lantern comic art | Green Lantern Green Arrow #88 dc comic book cover art by Neal Adams

Green Lantern Vol. 88 1972 Unpublished Golden Age Green Lantern Story - Green Lantern and Showcase Reprints - Neal Adams Cover Art for Green Lantern No. 89 by TheSamAntics