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Les magnifiques illustrations de Laura Sava

Nous vous présentons aujourd’hui une sélection d’illustrations de la talentueuse artiste Laura Sava. Cette spécialiste de la fantasy nous propose des oeuvres très détaillées avec des palettes de couleurs superbes. Ses character-design sont très réussis. Pour en voir davantage, visitez son blog, sa page Facebook et son DeviantArt.

Never let someone else's expectations of you, cage you in when you were created to fly. Dream your own dreams and follow your own heart. Even if its hard or scary. Its worth it. And I promise u, u will fly. But first, you will have to let go of those people AND their expectations. Too much baggage will keep u grounded.

Long ago, there were people who lived in the clouds. Their cities were said to be the most beautiful in the world, but one day they were gone, and the rains they gave the country vanished too 'causing panic and drought in the south of the continent.