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een hele grote wolf I'm not interested in fursuits in general, but this has a lot of good fabricating ideas.

Here is the current state of my Blakat fursuit progress! I& numbered and labeled parts in these pics to explain what they are The tail is carved out of foam, so I could have better cont.

I swim with the sharks, despite being an orca, haha. óÓÒò

Running with wolves, flying with the birds, and swimming with sharks. We will all stick together Furry Pride

Chocolate Salmon Milk: Vivz Blog

gooseworxmusic: Jayjay’s hard to draw… How the heck do you animate this thing, vivziepop? A ton of patience and Love. Plus lots of tears and Dr.This is lovely Goose, ahhhhhh I adore it!

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Zoophobia - Addi, Addison,   All you need to know is it's just one of the many characters I would be gay for

Addi Addison likes to keep to himself and spends most of his time working in the Art Wing. While he doesn’t often open up to others and can sometimes hide away an air of elitism, he has developed a.

I am not a furry, but we need to all keep this in mind. Actually learn what the fandom is before you judge it.

Furries Furry Fandom Also, furries can be on four legs as well. It's called feral

VivziePop "Zoophobia"

VivziePop "Zoophobia"