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All In One (Kpop Smuts/Collection) - This Is Punishment - One (Mark)

That lip bite though. O_O Ugh, I can''s're killing me, Babe.

Broker: Manziel got $7,500 for autographs

Broker says Johnny Manziel took $7,500 for autographing helmets

Community Post: Can You Identify These Shows By The Silhouettes Of The Cast?

I got 8 out of 9 on Can You Identify These Shows By The Silhouettes Of The Cast?!

We needed to temporarily carpet an arena sand floor for the reception & my aunt, being the horse enthusiast she is, suggested we look up these mats they use at horse shows. We got 7 9x12 mats in this pattern for around $300. They're meant to be used outdoors so we split them up after the wedding & reused them for our decks, porches, etc.

Groundhogs and Clover ~ clip art and digital paper

We assure you that this groundhog will never drive angry. He will however, look ridiculously adorable whether in 7 different color poses, or 5 line art poses. There is also a purple clover and line art clover in this pack. All images are PNG 300dpi for your digital pleasure. I’ve also got 7 color digital clover papers, and one black and white paper (so even your b&w worksheets can have some background flair!). These are all 12X12 JPG files. Even if the stinker does see his shadow and we…

Banana Oat Greek Yogurt Pancakes

Banana Oat Greek Yogurt Pancakes - a quick and easy gluten-free breakfast that packs over 20g of whole food protein in under 300 calories for the ENTIRE recipe! | #healthy