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When you get that “you up?” text and you’re just like

11 Faces Every Girl Who’s Had Sex Will Recognize, As Told By Olympic Athletes

When you get that “you up?” text and you’re just like

Durex's Olympic condoms (the company is handing out tens of thousands of 'em to Olympic athletes in London).

Sex At The Olympics: condoms to be given at this years Olympics and 00 at the 2000 Sydney Olympics

Even if you’re not a pro athlete, you can still have an Olympic experience in the bedroom.

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Even if you’re not a pro athlete, you can still have an Olympic experience in the bedroom.

{    OLYMPIAN LOVE – SHAUNAE AND MAICEL’S ENGAGEMENT IN THE BAHAMAS    }  Bride & Groom: Shaunae & Maicel... Occupations: Professional Athletes in the sport of Track & Field.... Wedding date: February 4th, 2017.... Wedding location: Nassau, Bahamas.... Location of Engagement shoot: Nassau, Bahamas (The Cloisters, Fort Charlotte, National Track & Field Stadium, & Saunders Beach)

Olympic gold medalist Shaunae Miller and her fiance Maciel Uibo ❤ Gorgeous interracial couple engagement photography

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Bolt Has A High S*x Drive” – Former Lover Reveals Intimate Details (Photos)

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Nailah Dillard Ohio Model Usain Bolt Cheated On Kasi Bennett  The Sun reports that Usain St. Leo Bolt got dumped by Ohio model Nailah Dillard. The 27-year-old model met the 30-year-old Jamaican sprinter back in 2013. She didn't know that he already dating Jamaican carnival queen Kasi Bennett. Luckily the Ohio native found out after reading an article where the sprinter referred to Bennett as his "First Lady."  There's no way that a high-profile athlete like Usain Bolt could get away with…

Nailah Dillard, Ohio Model, Usain Bolt Cheated On Kasi Bennett

cool Usain Bolt's Ex-Lover Complaining Over His High Sex Drive Usain Bolt's former lover has dished details on their relationship, revealing he once suggested they have a threesome - which she declined.

Ryan Lochte. He is super sexy when his mouth is shut, when he starts talking, not so much ;)

Ryan Lochte has been on the world’s swimming stage for many years, but his recent defeat of Michael Phelps in

Favorite color, favorite sport, favorite ice dancers, favorite skating moment to date!! Torvill & Dean and the breathtaking Bolero

British ice dancing pair Torvill Dean, 1984 Olympic gold medalists, for their memorable performance to Bolero

Bruce Jenner Stars in 'Hunger Games' and 'Hangover' Spoof

Bruce Jenner Stars in 'Hunger Games' and 'Hangover' Spoof

There's a reason Bruce Jenner threw on some blue lipstick . his favorite Kris Jenner wig .

The first measured ski jump was explicitly a show of manhood. In 1809, the story goes, a lieutenant in the Norwegian military launched himself 9.5 meters through the air "to show his soldiers what a courageous fellow he was." The sport that grew out of that jump was likewise a test of manliness—far too dangerous, it was thought, for members of the gentler sex. "If a man gets a serious injury, it's still not fatal, but for women it could end much more seriously," a Russian

Why It Took 90 Years For Women's Ski Jumping To Make The Olympics

By Carrie Adkins Last Tuesday, February the German athlete Carina Vogt became the first woman to win an Olympic gold medal in the women’s ski jump event. The sport itself is not new;