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Day Favorite Lyrics - I realized toda that I have been using The Lion King for a lot of pins.oh well:) Favorite Lyrics -Hakuna Matata!/ It means no worries for the rest of your days/ it's our problem-free philosophy/ Hakuna Matata!

Tinker Bell!(:

Trust is one of the biggest things needed in all kinds of relationships. friendships, boy/girl friend, parents, siblings etc.

beauty and the beast - beauty-and-the-beast Fan Art

Marry the beast and get that library!--Can I skip the marry the Beast and just go straight to the library?

Yep! If you have to prove how wonderful things are in your private life, something is wrong.

An occassional praise or quip is one thing, but putting your relationship drama all over FB for the world to see is a sure sign that there is a HUGE problem. And, if the ONLY thing you EVER post is drama. well, it& time to reevaluate.

quotes about god being in control - Google Search

The Gods have a reason for allowing things to happen. We may never understand their wisdom, but we simply have to have faith.

I just had my performance. I got a solo so YAY. I clammed a lot on my solo, I have definitely played it better before, & I wish I could've played my best in front of the school, but I still got compliments so I guess I shouldn't complain. I also messed up in my scale which surprised me! (I think I actually know why but not enough room to explain).

The most unique instrument is at the top. Sorry trombones!