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Yes mind ya business. MY SON is none of ya business nor his sperm donnars. thanks bitch.

Funny Text Messages - That was meant for your mother

Our Presence: The Gift That Really Matters to our Children

Those assholes - Parents Who Are Clearly Way Better At Texting Than Their Kids

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this reminds me of Fink's "Honesty": "Who was it telling me Honestly Honesty is all about the timing Oh, my bad There was I thinking that honesty Was all about truth..."

Not telling me something or withholding an answer is the same thing as lying.yet they will never admit it because they can't not lie

text messages guys love from girls.  great dating tips & relationship advice for those just starting to date someone new

dating tips & relationship advice on sending text to your guy. guys confessed they love these flirty text messages from girls they are dating or thinking about dating.

Wrong Text To Wrong Person At The Wrong Time-15 Hilarious Texts From Parents That Will Make You Lol

Wrong Text To Wrong Person At The Wrong Hilarious Texts From Parents That Will Make You Lol

There are days I just want to run away. Turn off my phone, go somewhere and think all day.

My heart is trying to cope with all of these emotions and my mind just keeps saying run away! Mind you are suppose to be the smart one in this relationship. Welcome to my dark side.