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25 Creepy Photos: Welcome to Your Nightmare - Team Jimmy Joe

25 Creepy Photos: Welcome to Your Nightmare

Two glass plate negatives stuck together, c 1900

Before Photoshop - Portrait of two women, c 1900 This image features two glass plate negatives stuck together.

Haunted Antiques Show | art of the beautiful-grotesque: Strange Attractions : Vintage ...

Norman’s Ghost Show c. 1900 This sideshow attraction was run by Tom Norman, an infamous British showman who managed John Merrick (a. The Elephant Man) for a short time. Barnum referred to Norman as the ‘Silver King’.

26 Weird Vintage Photos | Team Jimmy Joe

26 Weird Vintage Photos from the Creepy Olden Days

COLLEGE THEATER: "Bluebeard’s Wives" tableau at Beloit College, early century (From This Fabulous Century: scanned by weirdvintage)

Car with shovel for pedestrians  Invented for the purpose of 'reducing the number of casualties among pedestrians;' Paris, 1924

27 of History’s Strangest Inventions

A pedestrian catcher: A shovel fixed onto the front of a car was used to reduce the number of casualties among drunk pedestrians in Paris, 1924