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Paula Deen Special Panini Recipe by Paula Deen

Paula Deen Special Panini - with prosciutto di parma, sopressata, mozzarella and sun-dried peppers topped with radicchio, romaine and basil with an olive oil and balsamic reduction drizzle - on a ciabatta slathered with truffle butter.

Taco Seasoning Mix Recipe - This is the only mix we use for tacos!  Less expensive than buying prepared envelopes.

Taco Seasoning Mix

Homemade Mixes for Popular Pantry Staples - Save money by making your own versions of these popular seasonings and mixes commonly used in recipes. Find homemade mix recipes for ranch dressing, taco seasoning, cream soup and much more!

Kentucky Fried Chicken Seasoning Mix Recipe - -

Kentucky Fried Chicken Seasoning Mix

Never buy rice mixes again! This is ready anytime you need a tasty side dish. Very good!

Rice Seasoning Mix

Homemade rice seasoning mix-don't buy pre-packaged rice mixes anymore. Interesting, I never have to flavour rice, but I can see using this on rice to make it become a side dish/salad at BBQ!

Selderijzout zelf maken

Selderijzout maken

Easy Meatloaf

This easy meatloaf recipe is one of our best--made over times and never disappoints! This no-fail meatloaf makes 8 servings.

Cajun Seasoning ..  #TheTexasFoodNetwork #chefshellp  share your recipes with us on Facebook at The Texas Food Network

Cajun Seasoning- I use this for tilapia and it's flavor is smells pretty great while it's cooking too- i melt butter in a skillet and mix this seasoning (random amounts - so tweaking is fun) once the butter has melted, then cook this fish

Check out what I found on the Paula Deen Network! Chicken Chili Stew

Chicken Chili Stew

Copycat Good Seasons Italian Salad Dressing Mix

Frugal Seasoning and Spice Mix Recipes for everyday use

Copycat Good Seasons Italian Salad Dressing Mix~ Recipes for almost every sauce, dip, & mix, you can make it without the chemicals that the commercial processors use

Homemade Barbeque Seasoning

Homemade Barbeque Seasoning

My husband loves barbeque. Whether it is chicken, chops, or ribs, he was always looking for the perfect rub. He came across this rub from a friend he plays cards with.

Homemade “Cavender’s Greek” Seasoning.  A delicious blend for chicken, fish, shellfish, salads and vegetables.

Homemade “Cavender’s Greek” Seasoning. A delicious blend for chicken, fish, shellfish, salads and vegetables.

Jamie’s Chili....... This is Paula Deen's son, Jamie. This is MY favorite chili ever. I have made it many times and gotten rave reviews. The combo of sausage and beef is perfect. I buy big cans of all the beans, use what I need for the current recipe and freeze proper amounts to have ready for the next time. It is on the stove for trick or treaters tonight! A KEEPER.

Jamie’s Chili

Jamie Deen’s Chili - made this last night, and this recipe is a KEEPER! (Jamie Deen, son of the southern cooking queen Paula Deen.

Paula Deens House Seasoning Mix Recipe - Genius Kitchen

5 minutes

Vegan, Gluten free, Paleo
∙ Serves 12
  • 1/4 cup Garlic powder
Baking & Spices
  • 1/4 cup Black pepper, fresh ground
  • 1 cup Kosher salt
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