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1E543DAABC4E7FB67C390BE81FAE7955B723CA64 (300×300)

1E543DAABC4E7FB67C390BE81FAE7955B723CA64 (300×300)

"Blood in the Water" plot twist.

But yes, I will love some Medic and Sniper heart to heart interaction in the next comic update. Blood in the

TF2- Expiration Date by MadJesters1 on DeviantArt

My Second part of the Secret Santa for Scout gets spook but doesn't admit it to demo. Prompt- Demo telling Scout some spooky tales. Then Scout gets scared but he won't admit it.

Enjoying the simple things by ~Daemon107 on deviantART

only pyro can play with fire inspired by this lovely little number [link] by pyro belon. Enjoying the simple things

Esta usted interesado en un medic?

I love the scouts face! You would only understand this if you played the game.<<I thought this was copying spongebob when he sold chocolate with Patrick to the fish.