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Always seeking a beautiful spot on vacation! Cherry Blossoms in Kintai Bridge. Kintai Bridge is a historical wooden arch bridge, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi, Japan.

연못 + 마당

Can't bring the ocean to your backyard? You could always set up a koi pond underneath your back porch.

Moss and bamboo at Kotoin temple, Kyoto

green, Daitoku-ji Temple - Koto-in Zen Temple, Kyoto, Japan


Path, Cherry Blossoms, Kyoto, Japan Bucket list: to walk down a sidewalk surrounded with cherry blossom trees

Yoshina hot spring, Shizuoka, Japan http://www.ozmall.co.jp/18800onsen/0409/spa.aspx (in Japanese only)

Yoshina Hot Spring, Shizuoka,Japan Amazing discounts - up to off Compare…

Cherry blossom, Meguro River, Tokyo, Japan.

ℕ Ḱ - W ✿ R L D ❤ ♥ ❤ Cherry blossom, Meguro River, Tokyo, Japan. I want to visit Japan soooooo bad!

Okazaki aichi

Okazaki aichi