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Bought This New Jacket... -

Funny pictures about Fun New Jacket. Oh, and cool pics about Fun New Jacket. Also, Fun New Jacket photos.

Guys' desk is delayed. His offer is excepted. #SaveAPony

Here's what happens when you mess with customer service. Lol I want to encounter awesome customer service like that.

Literally cried of happiness. Literally. Tears. how to get a taco bell in your town

Long story short, he called Taco Bell because he wanted one in his town.They sent the Taco Bell truck and gave him and his buddies free tacos. then they built a Taco Bell and he got to cut the ribbon.


Best of Tumblr

I like this idea. Could be a humorous way to end a book.

Man bun to the max!

Guys With Fancy Lady Hair - This is pure gold. I'm dying over hereeee. haha Mormon Prom makes me giggle

Alright, WHO DREW ME?

Funny pictures about When people invade my personal space. Oh, and cool pics about When people invade my personal space. Also, When people invade my personal space.

well that escalated quickly.

What a guy.

Funny pictures about Common Phobias. Oh, and cool pics about Common Phobias. Also, Common Phobias.

Best missing poster ever

I am fucking dying right now. I will fuck your bitch and steal your lettuce.


"True Life: I'm In College".I'm pretty sure this sums things up for every person who has EVER.IN LIFE gone to college

funny stuff++ - Hugh Laurie my face when americans call

How words are said in the UK vs USA... This made me cry!